Yessenia Fonseca

Medical Assistant​

​Caring about a patient’s well-being is a priority for our medical assistant, Yessenia. Her empathy and knowledge help her to provide vital support for our patients based on trust. Yessenia provides patient care for both Dr. Jose and Dr. Kandankulam. Yessenia is fluent in Spanish.

Yaritza Siezar

Leaving the physician's office with all the information you receive during your visit can be overwhelming. Yaritza will summarize the doctor's orders and help coordinate with your specialists, imaging facilities or laboratories in both English and Spanish. 

Christina Froudaki
Medical Assistant​

Being a good listener is an important skill which our medical assistant, Christina exemplifies. Her ability to offer an understanding ear for patients going through routine doctor’s exams or struggling with chronic disease makes her a special asset to both Dr. Jose and Dr. Kandankulam. Christina is fluent in Spanish and Greek. 

Meet Our Team

Alexandra Minginas
Office Manager

As the leader of this team, Alexandra's objective is to ensure a positive experience for every patient.
With dedication to patient satisfaction and commitment to build a thriving practice whose purpose
​is to serve Wellington and the surrounding communities.

Patient Service Representatives

Allied Health Team

Our allied health team is more than a clinical component of our practice. Functioning as support for both our physicians and our patients, we strive to build a relationship between our medical assistants and you founded on compassion and understanding. 

Allie Triantafillou

Often as your first contact with our office, Allie will exceed your expectations with her efficiency and organizational skills. Combined with an understanding of the ever-changing healthcare system, she will provide you with the peace of mind that you are in the right hands. Allie is fluent in Greek.